New Screen Entertainment is producing a new series for Lifetime Television.  We're looking for men and women who have kept a secret close to their heart and now would like to reveal the truth. 

For the teller, the revelation of the secret becomes redemptive, a burden lifted, a hurting healed.

For the recipient, the secret suddenly untangles mysteries of the past, throws light on what was dark and usually makes for a life-changing and better future.

We are an Emmy Award winning production company experienced in honoring sensitive and intimate stories. 

We are not interested in sexual secrets or any revelation that would exploit, embarrass or hurt others.

If you have a secret you wish to share, you can contact us by clicking here:                    Please do NOT call the office.

We are also looking for "sweet secrets."  A secret marriage.  A secret gift.  A secret treasure, etc.


Back From The Dead : To save her reputation, she faked her own death and assumed another identity. Now it's time to rise up from the dead, reclaim her life and meet her family again.
The Pants: She kept a secret from her car mechanic boyfriend. Now that the relationship is getting serious, it's time to tell him she's not a secretary but a well-to-do wall street bond trader. Will that start his ignition ...or put on the brakes to their love affair.

Many Happy Returns :  His name isn't Earl, but there are people he bambozzled in the past. Now, conscience prevails and he visits three of them to confess and rectify the wrongs.

Up From The Ashes : Sarah, a successful businesswoman has literally risen from the ashes. What little money her mother saved was lost in a 5 alarm fire when she was a kid. Sarah's proud mother was blamed for the fire as all her earthly possessions evaporated in smoke.  She went on welfare and worked several menial jobs to make sure Sarah received an education and a college degree. As her career flourished, Sarah took care of her mom, buying her a condo and making sure her life was comfortable and secure.  Sarah is a daughter any parent would be proud of but no one has any idea that a horrifying secret sears her heart. When she was 12-years old she accidently started the fire that plunged her mother into poverty. Now she realizes money is not enough to make things right; you can't buy the truth. Only honesty will balance the books. 


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